The Master of Metamorphosis

The Master of Metamorphosis

by Morgana Moonfire

When I last astral travelled during the New Moon, I had the honour of finally meeting Cerridwen for the first time.

I woke up in the usual clearing in the woods. It was night and the sky was being strangled by clouds. Rain drops were streaking the sky and flattening my light, purple dress against my skin. I was bare feet and shivering. In the shadows of the trees, a wolf was staring at me, its gaze glowing like embers in the obscure black of night and its outline scarcely discernible. I was frightened, but the wolf did not stir. Eventually, attempting to ignore its eyes which seemed to drift like two fireflies between the shadows, I tentatively began to move my feet over the soggy grass and the slick, jagged pebbles. Not so far away I stumbled on slippery stone steps that led underground and I knew I had to descend. The tunnel was filled with murky, ice cold water. Nevertheless I took a deep breath, paid no heed to the icy tongues that slyly licked my feet and descended the steps until the cold enveloped me in a petrifying embrace. I waited. After a while I felt the strong grip of sturdy arms around my motionless body. Someone pulled me out and dragged me unto the flat stone which appeared to be the floor of a dimly lit cave. An enormous cauldron hurled its shadow over my dripping hair which clung to my face like seaweed to the rocks. Cerridwen smiled. Her face changed continually from that of a hag, to different
animals, to a middle aged woman with extremely thick, frizzy white hair bound together in a bushy tail. I scrambled to my feet and accepted a furry cloak to warm my trembling body. In order to speak with her I had to give her a gift, so I gave her the turquentine necklace I was wearing. She then beckoned me and instructed me to stare into her cauldron. Faintly skeptical and unsure of what I would see, I obeyed. The water in the cauldron turned into a whirlpool and sucked me in. When the world stopped spinning I stood in the middle of the woods: it was day and a person I had wanted to see stood beside me.

All in all, what surprised me the most is that Cerridwen did not come across as a daunting, intimidating character. She rather came across as an older friend in possession of wisdom that has been gained through the years and with a mocking sense of humour. The Morrighan to me always appears more like a mother figure, Branwen is the tender, considerate one and Rhiannon is more aloof. It is interesting to see how every goddess has their own personality and how this colours your dealings with them.

Episode 2 – On Serenity (Soothing Stones and New Moon Magick)

I have recorded the second episode a bit earlier than expected due to circumstances. This time I had some more technical difficulties. I tried to filter out the annoying parts as well as possible…


Show notes:


On rooibos, the recent new moon in Virgo and how that relates to my current situation.

Weaving the Web

In this section I will be discussing some of the rites I did on the night of the New Moon: knot magick, affirmations and meditation. I will also make a slight sidetrack and talk about writing your own spells and the importance of repetition and your own words.

Returning to the Roots

I will be reading to you the meditation I performed during the New Moon.

Set in Stone

In this segment I will be talking about my personal experience with stones and crystals and I will be covering some of the uses of stones.


Brightest of blessings

Morgana Moonfire

Astral Travel Guided Meditation: Butterflies out of the Body

Here’s my assignment for the Astral Travel course I’m taking (organized by Pagan Pages). Butterflies out of the Body is a guided meditation I wrote to facilitate astral travel and the separation of the etheric body. The meditation should be changed to suit your personal needs. I have not yet tried it, but will do so as soon as I get the chance and then I will also make the necessary adjustments if necessary.

I will start by breathing slowly and deeply and by relaxing every muscle in my body from the top of my head to my tones.

Guided meditation: Butterflies out of the Body

By Morgana Moonfire


Breathe in 1-2-3-4-5 and as you exhale, think RELAX.

Do this three times.

You are surrounded by clouds. Feel the texture of the clouds. They are soft and light, they do not choke you, but gently brush by you. They are thin as air, soft as a feather.

Breath in 1-2-3-4-5 and as you exhale, think RELAX.

Do this three times.

The clouds are wispy and they are drawing apart. They are softly swirling around you. Every cloud is a different pastel colour. Slowly they evaporate until you are surrounded by mist.

Breath in 1-2-3-4-5 and as you exhale, think RELAX.

Do this three times.

The mist is soft and liquid like water. It is all around you. Slowly it changes colour. You are floating in the mist. Above you the mist draws apart. You see a group of vividly coloured butterflies flying towards you. Take in the different colours. The energy and yet the silence of each one. They softly brush down upon you.

You feel the almost unnoticeable weight of each butterfly as they land on your hands, your arms, your tummy, your legs, even your toes, your hair, your forehead. You are covered by butterflies.

 Breath in 1-2-3-4-5 and as you exhale, think RELAX.

Do this three times.

The weight of the butterflies allows you to sink even deeper.

Then, as one, the butterflies rise up. They pull you up with them. You feel yourself being slowly lifted. First your fingers and your toes are pulled free, then your arms and legs, your head and finally your abdomen. As you are being lifted higher and higher, you leave your physical body. Your physical body is still floating on the mist.

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Dark Moon Circle

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