Episode 3 – Flowing Chi: the Image of the Gods



Episode 3 show notes:

Escalator to Heaven

In this episode I will be talking about energy: how this energy binds us all together and exists within us, how we view this divine energy and how we may manipulate the flow of energy through Tai Chi or magick.

Poem by Bai Li

I will be reading to you the most famous poem of a well-known Chinese poet.

Soul Sight

In this segment I will mention how the right or wrong energy may affectTarot readings and again I will draw upon my own experiences.

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Blessings and I hope you enjoy it!

Funky Chicken


Episode 2 – On Serenity (Soothing Stones and New Moon Magick)

I have recorded the second episode a bit earlier than expected due to circumstances. This time I had some more technical difficulties. I tried to filter out the annoying parts as well as possible…



Show notes:


On rooibos, the recent new moon in Virgo and how that relates to my current situation.

Weaving the Web

In this section I will be discussing some of the rites I did on the night of the New Moon: knot magick, affirmations and meditation. I will also make a slight sidetrack and talk about writing your own spells and the importance of repetition and your own words.

Returning to the Roots

I will be reading to you the meditation I performed during the New Moon.

Set in Stone

In this segment I will be talking about my personal experience with stones and crystals and I will be covering some of the uses of stones.


Brightest of blessings

Morgana Moonfire

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