Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Emperor

The Emperor

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: A man with rosy cheeks, a rosy nose and a sluggish look in his eyes sits in a kitchen. He is leisurely eating out of a silver bowl, a large wooden spoon is tucked into his belt and a harp rests against his (rather voluminous) belly. His reddish eyes are fixed on me. They are watching me, taking me in; but the expression they bear do not betray a specific, unmistakable feeling. On the contrary, he makes a rather insignificant impression and seems detached from the world. There is no certainty as to what he is thinking.

This man is obviously well-of, judging from his round belly and the right to take food from the kitchen whenever it suits him. In his spare time, he enjoys the simple (yet not always accessible in great quantities to the masses) pleasures of life such as food and ale, music and merry-making. As a warrior and certainly as a ruler, he has a right to these delights. The thinking lines that are engraved in his forehead, as well as his intelligent stare which may easily be mistaken for a fool’s gape, reveal his identity as a chief. The look he is giving me may be misinterpreted as a drunk’s look, eyeing me in spite of difficulties to focus his vision. He may even inspire pity. But the truth is that he is more cunning than the persons he is watching. No amount of ale can take away his authority although it may somewhat influence his judgment. He is a man, after all.

The Emperor is always one step ahead of the others. His strength lies in his knowledge and his ability to use that knowledge in an effective way. He gains information through his keen observation skills and his diplomatic treatment of individuals. Thus he learns how to inspire and motivate his people. In times of merriment he drinks with them and joins them in their celebrations, in times of peril he fights by their side, in times of confusion and discord he shares his vast knowledge and able judgment. In short, he is always very aware and knows what to do in any given situation to secure harmony, respect and prosperity for himself and for his subjects.

When this card comes up in a reading, you are as successful as the emperor or you need to be more like the emperor or someone in your direct environment with direct influence on you has the qualities of an emperor.

Key words and sentiments: skills, people knowledge, awareness, justice, solidarity, friendship, do what is right, control, prosperity, good fortune through personal acts and effort, wisdom, success in most aspects of your life, father figure, leader, strict but just, strength of character, foresight.


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