The Power of NOW

I have recently begun listening to the audiopresentation of “The Power of Now”, a book by Ekhart Tolle.

It’s all about living in the NOW and how that benefits your experience of daily life.

It’s a wonderful book, but to be honest I already live in the NOW so to me it was just a bit of light reading. However, it explains how it works, not only how to do it. It explains that you (as a human being – that is a human BE-ing -) exist out of these 3 parts:
Body, Mind and Spirit. I know you knew this, bear with me. These three are a bit like an atom: a neutral core (Body) which also includes positive elements (Spirit), and is encircled by negative elements (Mind).

First of all, don’t judge “negative”. It’s necessary in order for “positive” to exist.

That said, the Mind is usually what keeps us from living in the NOW. It wants logic, it wants rationality, when ultimately neither exist in the absolute. Again, don’t judge your mind, you need it in order to experience the illusion (“reality”). Once you’ve experienced enough of this “reality”, you will probably realise what the NOW is, and you’ll want to experience thàt instead.

So you try to shut off your mind. This isn’t easy, as it will fight back.

Wanna know how? Stay tuned, I’m going to explain it in my own words in my next entry.

Blessed be.


Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

This is the card which signifies my current transition in life. I am the Fool, enthusiastic and passionate but ignorant of what I’m delving into and even more uncertain with regards to my personal abilities to deal with whatever obstacles I may find. The wheel is turning and I have no idea where I am going to end up, what I am getting myself into or whether I am going to be able to cope. I am taking a chance.

The Wheel of Fortune

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: Various men sitting at a table in a bar, conversing, drinking, merry-making and laughing. Only one man is turned away from the table and looks me straight in the eye. His gaze is serious and penetrating. I feel as if he looks straight through me, through all my barriers, masks and defenses. I see him as the bard, not the bard from the Obelix and Asterix cartoons who is more of a figure to be made fun of and laughed at. This bard possesses knowledge that a common bard perhaps would not be considered to possess. His knowledge extends far beyond knowledge pertaining to the physical world and though his elder soul may be hidden beneath a veil of music and amusement, he will not fail to manifest himself as a force to be reckoned with once the time comes.

He looks at me when nobody else seems to notice my presence. His gaze is not stern or accusing but steady and unwavering. His eyes bear a message, a message for me. His eyes acknowledge me and compel me to take action or to take it upon myself to acknowledge what is there but what I have failed to notice (much as the men in the bar who fail to notice my presence) or to acknowledge that which is coming. The time has come. The time is now. I must observe, understand, look inside myself and then I will know how to react.

The wheel in itself is not positive or negative in my eyes. It is simply life, which is taking a strong turn in a certain direction, a change, moving forward. It is the exact opposite of stagnation. Suddenly a change of events has been set in motion and is moving forward at a rapid pace. It is a time to act and to step up to the plate. You are not invincible or unimportant and the events that are taking place directly involve you. You must embrace the turning of the wheel, and let it take you wherever you must go. Every experience, whether good or bad, serves to teach us an important lesson and as such should not be shunned.

Key words or sentiments: action, awareness, purpose

The Master of Metamorphosis

The Master of Metamorphosis

by Morgana Moonfire

When I last astral travelled during the New Moon, I had the honour of finally meeting Cerridwen for the first time.

I woke up in the usual clearing in the woods. It was night and the sky was being strangled by clouds. Rain drops were streaking the sky and flattening my light, purple dress against my skin. I was bare feet and shivering. In the shadows of the trees, a wolf was staring at me, its gaze glowing like embers in the obscure black of night and its outline scarcely discernible. I was frightened, but the wolf did not stir. Eventually, attempting to ignore its eyes which seemed to drift like two fireflies between the shadows, I tentatively began to move my feet over the soggy grass and the slick, jagged pebbles. Not so far away I stumbled on slippery stone steps that led underground and I knew I had to descend. The tunnel was filled with murky, ice cold water. Nevertheless I took a deep breath, paid no heed to the icy tongues that slyly licked my feet and descended the steps until the cold enveloped me in a petrifying embrace. I waited. After a while I felt the strong grip of sturdy arms around my motionless body. Someone pulled me out and dragged me unto the flat stone which appeared to be the floor of a dimly lit cave. An enormous cauldron hurled its shadow over my dripping hair which clung to my face like seaweed to the rocks. Cerridwen smiled. Her face changed continually from that of a hag, to different
animals, to a middle aged woman with extremely thick, frizzy white hair bound together in a bushy tail. I scrambled to my feet and accepted a furry cloak to warm my trembling body. In order to speak with her I had to give her a gift, so I gave her the turquentine necklace I was wearing. She then beckoned me and instructed me to stare into her cauldron. Faintly skeptical and unsure of what I would see, I obeyed. The water in the cauldron turned into a whirlpool and sucked me in. When the world stopped spinning I stood in the middle of the woods: it was day and a person I had wanted to see stood beside me.

All in all, what surprised me the most is that Cerridwen did not come across as a daunting, intimidating character. She rather came across as an older friend in possession of wisdom that has been gained through the years and with a mocking sense of humour. The Morrighan to me always appears more like a mother figure, Branwen is the tender, considerate one and Rhiannon is more aloof. It is interesting to see how every goddess has their own personality and how this colours your dealings with them.

Episode 2 – On Serenity (Soothing Stones and New Moon Magick)

I have recorded the second episode a bit earlier than expected due to circumstances. This time I had some more technical difficulties. I tried to filter out the annoying parts as well as possible…


Show notes:


On rooibos, the recent new moon in Virgo and how that relates to my current situation.

Weaving the Web

In this section I will be discussing some of the rites I did on the night of the New Moon: knot magick, affirmations and meditation. I will also make a slight sidetrack and talk about writing your own spells and the importance of repetition and your own words.

Returning to the Roots

I will be reading to you the meditation I performed during the New Moon.

Set in Stone

In this segment I will be talking about my personal experience with stones and crystals and I will be covering some of the uses of stones.


Brightest of blessings

Morgana Moonfire

Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Emperor

The Emperor

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: A man with rosy cheeks, a rosy nose and a sluggish look in his eyes sits in a kitchen. He is leisurely eating out of a silver bowl, a large wooden spoon is tucked into his belt and a harp rests against his (rather voluminous) belly. His reddish eyes are fixed on me. They are watching me, taking me in; but the expression they bear do not betray a specific, unmistakable feeling. On the contrary, he makes a rather insignificant impression and seems detached from the world. There is no certainty as to what he is thinking.

This man is obviously well-of, judging from his round belly and the right to take food from the kitchen whenever it suits him. In his spare time, he enjoys the simple (yet not always accessible in great quantities to the masses) pleasures of life such as food and ale, music and merry-making. As a warrior and certainly as a ruler, he has a right to these delights. The thinking lines that are engraved in his forehead, as well as his intelligent stare which may easily be mistaken for a fool’s gape, reveal his identity as a chief. The look he is giving me may be misinterpreted as a drunk’s look, eyeing me in spite of difficulties to focus his vision. He may even inspire pity. But the truth is that he is more cunning than the persons he is watching. No amount of ale can take away his authority although it may somewhat influence his judgment. He is a man, after all.

The Emperor is always one step ahead of the others. His strength lies in his knowledge and his ability to use that knowledge in an effective way. He gains information through his keen observation skills and his diplomatic treatment of individuals. Thus he learns how to inspire and motivate his people. In times of merriment he drinks with them and joins them in their celebrations, in times of peril he fights by their side, in times of confusion and discord he shares his vast knowledge and able judgment. In short, he is always very aware and knows what to do in any given situation to secure harmony, respect and prosperity for himself and for his subjects.

When this card comes up in a reading, you are as successful as the emperor or you need to be more like the emperor or someone in your direct environment with direct influence on you has the qualities of an emperor.

Key words and sentiments: skills, people knowledge, awareness, justice, solidarity, friendship, do what is right, control, prosperity, good fortune through personal acts and effort, wisdom, success in most aspects of your life, father figure, leader, strict but just, strength of character, foresight.

Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: A fine-looking woman with coiled blond hair is sitting on a throne carved out of stone. Beside her is a burning torch, which is a clear indicator of her identity for she is Brighid, Celtic goddess of smith craft, poetry and motherhood and her symbol is fire. Various types of fruits lay at her other side and a pile of straw rests on her lap. These are perhaps offerings and more symbols of the Goddess. Brighid wears a rather saddened expression, possibly in lament at the loss of her sons, and she takes off the purple veil which had been concealing her face.

Her facial expression reveals her knowledge of what has come to pass. Yet the card as a whole does not emit a downbeat feeling, but on the contrary conveys the joy of being blessed with gifts of intuition and spirituality. Brighid was honoured as a goddess by the Celts and as a saint by the Christians. Coming in second after St. Patrick, she is still a very popular figure in Ireland and her flame has been kept alight for many a year. Even nowadays, new groups have arisen with the sole purpose of keeping her flame alive and dancing. Brighid’s flame does not only represent the hearth (household), inspiration (poetry) and smith craft; but in the larger picture may also be regarded as the flame of the old faith and one’s personal devotion to the path, as well as the flame of intuition, psychic ability and one’s individual communication with the gods. The flame signifies the connection with the Other World and provides an unwavering light in the darkness -not in the sense of Christianism where the faith served to provide consolation for every-day discomforts, but rather as a steadfast way of life, a mentality and solidarity and a clear sense of purpose.

In a reading this card designates the path you are treading or supposed to be treading in life. The path may not always be straight and smooth; you may come across forks and crossroads, hilly or slippery parts, wild curves and rocky bends and sometimes it may even be hard to see the path you are supposed to be taking. At times you will be striding or even skipping along while at other times your progress will seem much more strained, slow and difficult. This card provides you with the guidance you need to take on the obstacles you come across. The Goddess walks by your side and will lend you the courage, assurance and inner knowledge you need to overcome the tricky bits of the journey.

Key words and sentiments: divination, higher knowledge, communication with the gods, peace, the old faith, understanding of the higher purpose, intuition.

Week 6 – Ginseng

Ginseng (Panax ginseng or Asian ginseng; and Panax quinquefolius or North American ginseng)

 by Morgana Moonfire

Also called the “Chinchona of China” or “the wonder of the world root”. 

Associations: Scorpio, Mars, Uranus, the sun, Saturn, Lammas

  • In China ginseng is considered the main herb as a male tonic.
  • In China, ginseng is held in high repute, and the prices they realize are dependent upon the extent to which they resemble the human form.
  • With the exception of teas, ginseng is the most celebrated plant in all the Orient. The Chinese have great faith in its curative and strengthening properties and call it the “Chinchona of China”. The Manchurian Ginseng comes from the Emperor’s mother country, from the soil from which legend says sprang the `God of Heaven’.  It is, therefore, regarded as more efficacious than the ginseng grown anywhere else.
  • Roots older than two years are a famous yang stimulant (North American less so than Oriental).



* Ginseng can be very difficult to grow. Germination of disinfected seeds (to kill mold, which plagues ginseng at all stages of growth) can take up to a year or more.  



Plant in early autumn in raised beds of very humus-rich soil.

Plants must be shaded at all times.



Roots are not harvested until the plants are at least 6 years old.

Take care during harvesting and drying not to break off any of the “arms” of the root.


Dry for one month before use.


Parts used: dried root


Magickal uses


* When the plant grows wild its root resembles the shape of the human body, and like mandrake, it is thought to be most appropriate for most any magickal spell.

*Ginseng is an effective substitute for mandrake in all spells.

v  Fertility, attracting love (essential oil), lust

  • Drink ginseng tea to stir up a magnetic physical attraction.
  • Carry it to attract love.
  • Carry it to ensure sexual potency.

v  Healing and health

  • Ginseng is carried to guard your health

v  Beauty

  • Ginseng will bring beauty to all who carry it.

v  Protection

  • Ginseng when burnt and used as a fumigant is potent for breaking hexes.

v  Creative work

v  Money

  • Carry it to draw money.

v  Wishes, attracting luck (essential oil)

v  Drawing strength and courage

* Carry the root with you, in pieces or whole, wrapped in a piece of red cloth and secured with gold or orange thread. Or else keep a ginseng pouch in your living room or on your altar.

*Ginseng spell:

By: S. Y. Zenith

For purifying home interiors, place ginseng root on your altar for three days. Then soak it in a bowl of warm water and leave it to stand overnight. Sprinkle the water from the bowl around the rooms of your home, or on the windows and doors. Sprinkle the water in the four corners of the property for protection against entities. Store the ginseng water in a spray bottle. Before you dress each morning, lightly spritz your body from head to foot. The ginseng spritz is especially helpful for those engaged in healing and psychic work.

Medicinal uses

Ginseng is a tonifying herb and stimulates the body to overcome all forms of illness, physical and mental. Rather than treating specific problems, ginseng strengthens the body by increasing the efficiency of the endocrine, metabolic, circulatory, and digestive systems. It reduces physical, mental, and emotional stress by increasing oxygen-carrying red blood cells and immune strengthening white blood cells and eliminating toxins.

* Ginseng is particularly useful in the treatment of young children as well as the aged.

v  Relief for flu symptoms.

v  For low sperm count, erectile dysfunction

  • Ginseng boosts the body’s synthesis of nitric oxide. As NO increases, so does the likelihood of erection.

v  Immune enhancement

v  When taken regularly it removes general fatigue and promotes good health. 

  • Improves hormonal functioning and as such reduces tiredness.
  • It makes you more active.

v  Indigestion

  • Combined with the juices of a ripe pineapple, it is an excellent medication for indigestion. 

v  Colds, fever

v  Skin diseases

v  Aphrodisiac: it is a sexual stimulant.

v  Anti-aging herb

v  Depression treatment (Siberian ginseng), anxiety

  • Herbs such as Siberian ginseng increase the availability of serotonin in the brain.
  • Ginseng has been used for various ailments but most effectively as an anti-anxiety herb.
  • Ginseng has stimulant properties that reduce stress.
  • It helps to maintain emotional balance.
  • Ginseng is relaxing.

v  Poor circulation of the blood

v  Very powerful remedy for rheumatism

v  Cancer

v  Memory

v  Hiccoughs: like dill, it relieves certain forms of hiccoughs due to its anti-spasmodic properties

v  Diabetes

  • Ginseng also reduces blood-sugar levels but diabetes requires professional treatment; consult your physician about ginseng.

v  To improve athletic stamina, endurance

  • Many athletes take ginseng as part of their training in order to significantly increase their stamina. Ginseng is safe, but it does have anticoagulant action so increased bruising is possible.

v  High blood pressure

  • 10 drops of dandelion or ginseng tincture in the morning.

v  Lack of energy

  • 25 drops of motherwort or ginseng tincture 2-4 times a day.

v  During menopause it aids in rejuvenating the system and balances hormones, as well as aids in regulating hot flashes.


* Ginseng should not be taken continuously.

Ginseng medicine

Ginseng tea can be made from the dried leaves or blossoms of the herb. After the berries are gathered select the brightest, cleanest leaves from a mature plant. Place them above the kitchen stove in thick bunches turning and mixing well until they are very dry. Store away in paper sacks. When the leaves are steeped in boiling water, just like ordinary tea, the liquid may be drunk with cream and sugar if preferred.

v  Another recipe for general use in the home is the following: Take a piece of the root when it is very hard and dry.  Break it up with a hammer and grind it through a coffee mill several times until it is reduced to a fine powder. To three ounces of the powder add one ounce of milk, sugar and sixty drops of oil of wintergreen. Mix all the ingredients well and store in a glass jar. The correct dosage in one teaspoonful to a small teacup of boiling water. When the drink is cooled it should be taken before each meal. It may also be filtered served with cream and sugar, and consumed with the meal. Made as directed this is a most pleasant aromatic tea and has a good effect on the stomach, brain and the nervous system. If the evening cup of ginseng is much larger, it is a good and safe hypnotic, producing a deep restful, natural sleep.

Ginseng tincture


The tincture is ready in six weeks, but gets stronger the longer it sits. I like to wait about six months before using my ginseng tincture.

To make a tincture from dried roots:

o Buy an ounce of dried Echinacea augustifolia or Panax ginseng root.

o Put the whole ounce in a pint jar.

o The dried root should fill the jar about a third full. If not, use a smaller jar.

o Fill the jar to the top with the alcohol. Cap tightly and label.


Energy Restoration Potion


by Tammy Sullivan

Searing hot temperatures have a way of sapping the energy right out from one’s body. The following energy potion can help replace this lost energy.

Brew pinches of mint and ginseng herbs along with a green tea bag. Steep for three minutes. Strain and serve over ice with lemon slices for a refreshing tonic. In addition, you may wish to take Solomon’s seal, Gotu Kola and myrrh herbal supplement tablets to rev up flagging energy levels.

Once restored, seal the energy inside the body by taking a cool shower and rubbing a rosewater and glycerin solution into wet skin. As you do so, visualize the energy vibrating just below the skin’s surface. Carry this vision with you throughout the day. Most importantly, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and functioning at its highest level.

Energy Booster Tea For Men

Wysti’s Notes

2 parts ginseng root

1 part dandelion root

1 part hawthorn berries

1 part sarsaparilla root

1/8 part cinnamon chips

1/10 part licorice root

1/10 part orange peel

Make a decoction of the above.

To use: Drink 1/2 cup to 1 cup per day, about 3 days a week to increase energy, stamina and mental clarity.

Ginseng Tonic

Blend together:

2 tsp. American Ginseng Root

4 tsp. Licorice

1 tsp. Korean Ginseng

1 tsp. Astragalus

2 tsp. Nettles

1 tbls. Siberian Ginseng

1 tbls. Alfalfa Leaf

1 tsp. Ginger

Brain Tea


Wysti’s Notes

This tea is wonderful if you are going to have to use your brain for creative thoughts and mental clarity.

2 parts Siberian ginseng root

1 part Gotu Kola leaves

1 part Ginkgo leaves

1 part Peppermint leaves

Place the ginseng in 1 quart of boiling water.  Reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for approximately 20 minutes.

Remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients and steep for about 20 minutes.

To use:  Drink 2-3 cups per day.



Essential oil uses

Elderberry – A Natural Immune-Booster by Cathy Wong, Guide

Herbs for every Sign! by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Be Your Own Herbal Expert – Part 1 : an article by Susun S. Weed

The 55 Best Herbal Remedies by Michael Castleman, Natural Health

What is herbal medicine?

http://www.umm. edu/altmed/ articles/ herbal-medicine- 000351.htm

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Herbalism

Herbs and their Magickal Properties-Very Long & Detailed List

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The Magick Pantry – Ginseng

Natural Herbs for Depression

http://www.ehow. com/how_2088648_ treat-depression -herbs.html

http://www.herbal- supplement- resource. com/herbs- for-depression. html

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Herbs and planets

Ailments and their Herbal Remedies

>http://www.ageless. remedies. Htm

http://www.holistic Remedies/ Depression/ dep_herbs_ 1.htm

Herbal Medicine

Herbal cures by Lady Edenbolake

Brain Tea – Wysti’s Notes

Ginseng spell by S. Y. Zenith

http://www.llewelly php?spell_


~Teas That Please~

Ginseng and Anxiety

http://www.iampanic articles/ herbs-for- anxiety.htm









By Mary Baker Eddy

Quickly earth’s jewels disappear;
The turf, whereon I tread,
Ere autumn blanch another year,
May rest above my head.

Touched by the finger of decay
Is every earthly love;
For joy, to shun my weary way,
Is registered above.

The languid brooklets yield their sighs,
A requiem o’er the tomb
Of sunny days and cloudless skies,
Enhancing autumn’s gloom.

The wild winds mutter, howl, and moan,
To scare my woodland walk,
And frightened fancy flees, to roam
Where ghosts and goblins stalk.

The cricket’s sharp, discordant scream
Fills mortal sense with dread;
More sorrowful it scarce could seem;
It voices beauty fled.

Yet here, upon this faded sod, –
O happy hours and fleet, –
When songsters’ matin hymns to God
Are poured in strains so sweet,

My heart unbidden joins rehearse,
I hope it’s better made,
When mingling with the universe,
Beneath the maple’s shade.

Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: Death


by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions:  A man on a battlefield holds up the head of an enemy warrior for all to see. His gaze is menacing and a tad mocking. He himself is completely unharmed and no blood stains cover his attire. His red cape and the fur on his shoulder designate him as the leader. In his other hand he holds a spear and an arrow. The battle is over; the outcome has been decided and is being made clear to all the survivors by the chief of the winning forces.

The man’s stare is stern. His message is plain. His enemies have been defeated seeing that their chief has been killed in battle. His eyes almost challenge those willing to continue the fight, for he knows that they have no hope as victory has already been secured. Without their chief to lead them in battle, his enemies are nothing more than a scattered horde of ruthless warriors. It is better to save lives and end the fight (even if it means accepting defeat, because they were clearly overwhelmed by the other, greater force) than to prolong a battle they cannot win. This would lead to nothing but more casualties and would thus be a fruitless and foolish effort.

The Death card signifies a sudden and sometimes brutal change with an impact that will reverberate long after. This is the kind of change that cannot be stopped or impeded. The man’s confident gaze reflects the mood of the card: the indifferent energy of powerlessness. What has to happen will happen regardless of your feelings towards this change. Any efforts intended to hinder or to stop the revolution from occurring will be in vain. Often the transformation may not even be anticipated and it will take you by force even more so exactly because you did not see it coming. Many individuals fear such a change because it is so profound and because it will probably reshape who you are as a person and/or alter the direction in which your life is going. However, this transformation is a natural and necessary one and should not be resisted. Afterwards you should be better off than your were before it took place. The opposite hardly ever happens.

Key words and sentiments: sudden major change, transformation, revolution, powerlessness, go with the flow, accept change, do not fight a fight you cannot win, process out of your hands.

I Forget…

I Forget…

The earth is all that lasts.
The earth is what I speak to when
I do not understand my life
Nor why I am not heard.
The earth answers me with the same song
That it sang for my fathers when
Their tears covered up the sun.
The earth sings a song of gladness.
The earth sings a song of praise.
The earth rises up and laughs at me
Each time that I forget
How spring begins with winter
And death begins with birth.

Nancy Wood…

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