Crashed laptop

Hey everyone!

My apologies for the lack of updates… My laptop crashed and so I will not be able to continue the herb a week series and the podshow until my data has been recovered and all the issues have been sorted out.

I will be back as soon as possible!


Funky Chicken aka Morgana Moonfire

The Power of NOW (part 2)

Ok, so how to shut off your mind?

What I do when I want to consciously stop my mind from interfering with my soul, is I lie down on my bed (or sofa), put in ear plugs and just listen to my own breath and concentrate on it. I feel each breath enter my body, go down my lungs (making my belly rise) and go up through my throat again (making my belly deflate again) and out again through my mouth/nose.

Any thoughts that rush in are just observed as being thoughts, and rather than actively pushing them away, I simply focus on my breathing again. This takes some practice. ..ok it takes a LOT of practice. You may not always be consciously aware that you are “thinking”, but sooner or later you will remember that you were trying not to think. So then just focus on your breathing again.

After a while this will become second nature, and you’ll experience less difficulty in doing this.

So when your mind has given up its attempts to take over your consciousness, you may begin to see images, feel certain feelings/sensations, hear certain things. Do not analyze them, simply observe them and leave them be. At a certain point in this exercise you’ll no longer have the urge to analyze what you’re experiencing. Your mind will no longer wonder what the heck is going on.

You are now in paradise, free from the burden of every-day mind-activity. Your soul rejoices. You are now living in the NOW, being all there is.

!! Coming Soon !!

Ok, so this is our (mine and Funky’s) online version of a Book of Shadows, which we’ll be presenting in podcast-form. (Mainly made as a sort of therapy for ourselves, as we’re both still learning as we go. We are by no means authorities in Wicka, witchcraft and/or religion)

It’ll be about divination, practical magic, daily life, art and everything else that is spirituality-related.

..the first podcast (introduction) should be available within two weeks.

Blessed be, and see you then. ..hopefully.

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