Conversing with the Cards – The Minor Arcana

The following post includes my impressions of the minor arcana, excluding the court cards, and the four suits. I have consciously tried to spend just a short while on each card so that I might be able to grasp the essential, basic energy of the card at a glance. This list is not meant to be correct, it merely shares my personal impressions.

Morgana Moonfire

Wands: fire, the soul, passion, will power, the primitive forces of nature that reside within us and the ones that act in the universe and which we have no control over.

Cups: water, the heart, emotions, relationships.

Pentacles: earth, the body, materialistic affairs, practical or tangible matters, health, wealth, work.

Swords: air, the mind, intellect, thoughts, mental abilities and mental health.

Suit Number Meaning
Wands Ace Primitive power, first growth or surge of power/passion; forceful, natural energy, where it all starts
Two Having achieved what you wanted to achieve, being at ease, having power, no worries or concerns, confidence
Three What’s to come, preparation, stillness before the storm, waiting, capability, being calm and unafraid of the future
Four Picking the fruits of your labour, harvest time, fruition of plans, prosperity, happiness, good times, celebrations
Five Fight, testing each other’s strength and one’s own strength, being tested, opposition
Six Victory, achievement, confidence, respect and support of others, conqueror, strength, capability, advancement, nothing can hold you back
Seven Take issues head on, face your problems, courage, strength, boldness
Eight Action, speed, news, enlightenment due to a message/news, something important is brought to might
Nine Effort, having to fight for something, determination in spite of the odds
Ten Heavy burden but you can pull it off if you put in a lot of effort, hold on, trying times, keep your eye on the prize, it will be hard to achieve your goal
Cups Ace Emotion, beginning of a new awareness or relationship
Two Partnership, harmony and support in relationships, understanding and attraction between two people
Three Solidarity, union and closeness in a group, everyone is on the same page, sincerity and integrity in relationships, people support you and are there for you
Four Desolation, disappointment, being blue or down, seeing only the negative side, being so absorbed in oneself (self-pity) that one does not see the gift/bright side of the situation or the opportunities that the situation brings
Five Desolation, hard time, things are not really optimum or as they should be
Six Happy memories, the past, people from the past, unfinished business or relevance of the past in the present
Seven Dreams, illusions, being unrealistic, preferring to live in a dream world
Eight Feeling lost or led astray/alone, not feeling sure or confident about oneself or one’s path
Nine Joy, bliss, achieving what you most desire, gain
Ten Satisfaction, harmonious and happy family life/domestic life, peace in the household
Pentacles Ace Beginning of manifestation of a project or wealth, putting in motion something, actions, deeds, hands-on experience
Two Balance, yin yang, coping very well with the small changes that are taking place, being able and at peace, no great upheavals
Three Seriousness, master, perfecting and perfection of skills, producing high-quality work, you know what you are doing, fulfillment and exceeding expectations, excelling at what you do
Four Greed, stubbornness, hanging on too much to something, selfishness, no real riches, being stingy, useless wealth, doing nothing with the opportunities that are available to you
Five Struggling financially or at work, be content with (the little that) what you have, use the means you have, financial or material setbacks, not a lot of possibilities, not the right time for projects or purchases, material loss
Six Generosity, teaching, wisdom and sharing of wisdom and knowledge, being friendly, goodness, sincerity, balance
Seven Period of waiting for results after the necessary deeds, monitoring the progress
Eight Labour, concentration, devotion, perfection and perfectionism, patience, eager and willing to work and perform well
Nine Abundance, good and prosperous times, time for leisure or personal projects and personal development, the sun is shining, happiness, everything is as it should be, surplus, possibilities
Ten Material wealth and security, boredom, passing of time, in need of a challenge/being motivated/expanding one’s horizons
Swords Ace Invoked, “man-made” power, channeling power and thoughts, projects, ideas, something you conceive of in your mind or are thinking about
Two Not knowing what to do, crossroads, not seeing the best solution
Three Heartache, missing, having lost something or someone dear to you, betrayal
Four Rest, pause, break, needing to be away from everything and everyone, being alone, loneliness
Five Disappointment, things did not go as planned, expectations were not fulfilled, feeling of abandonment
Six Journey, half-way there, a challenge but you already have experience, know where you are going, being on a mission, travel, things are happening or moving >< stagnation
Seven Intentions are not clear, uncertainty, there is more to a situation than meets the eye, the unseen or unknown, secret
Eight Tunnel vision, blindness, captive in a situation
Nine Misery, powerlessness, irritation
Ten Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, incapable; hitting rock bottom; it can’t get any worse than this; negative feelings but exaggeration

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