Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

This is the card which signifies my current transition in life. I am the Fool, enthusiastic and passionate but ignorant of what I’m delving into and even more uncertain with regards to my personal abilities to deal with whatever obstacles I may find. The wheel is turning and I have no idea where I am going to end up, what I am getting myself into or whether I am going to be able to cope. I am taking a chance.

The Wheel of Fortune

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: Various men sitting at a table in a bar, conversing, drinking, merry-making and laughing. Only one man is turned away from the table and looks me straight in the eye. His gaze is serious and penetrating. I feel as if he looks straight through me, through all my barriers, masks and defenses. I see him as the bard, not the bard from the Obelix and Asterix cartoons who is more of a figure to be made fun of and laughed at. This bard possesses knowledge that a common bard perhaps would not be considered to possess. His knowledge extends far beyond knowledge pertaining to the physical world and though his elder soul may be hidden beneath a veil of music and amusement, he will not fail to manifest himself as a force to be reckoned with once the time comes.

He looks at me when nobody else seems to notice my presence. His gaze is not stern or accusing but steady and unwavering. His eyes bear a message, a message for me. His eyes acknowledge me and compel me to take action or to take it upon myself to acknowledge what is there but what I have failed to notice (much as the men in the bar who fail to notice my presence) or to acknowledge that which is coming. The time has come. The time is now. I must observe, understand, look inside myself and then I will know how to react.

The wheel in itself is not positive or negative in my eyes. It is simply life, which is taking a strong turn in a certain direction, a change, moving forward. It is the exact opposite of stagnation. Suddenly a change of events has been set in motion and is moving forward at a rapid pace. It is a time to act and to step up to the plate. You are not invincible or unimportant and the events that are taking place directly involve you. You must embrace the turning of the wheel, and let it take you wherever you must go. Every experience, whether good or bad, serves to teach us an important lesson and as such should not be shunned.

Key words or sentiments: action, awareness, purpose


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  1. Lucy Goose
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 10:44:10

    I quite agree with you on this card. Life is a cycle, a wheel, not a treadmill. Most people see it as a treadmill, something that forces them to go one way or the other. Life doesn’t care how you get where you’re going. And if you “fail”, it just turns and gives you a chance to try again.

    I really like this card.


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