Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: Death


by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions:  A man on a battlefield holds up the head of an enemy warrior for all to see. His gaze is menacing and a tad mocking. He himself is completely unharmed and no blood stains cover his attire. His red cape and the fur on his shoulder designate him as the leader. In his other hand he holds a spear and an arrow. The battle is over; the outcome has been decided and is being made clear to all the survivors by the chief of the winning forces.

The man’s stare is stern. His message is plain. His enemies have been defeated seeing that their chief has been killed in battle. His eyes almost challenge those willing to continue the fight, for he knows that they have no hope as victory has already been secured. Without their chief to lead them in battle, his enemies are nothing more than a scattered horde of ruthless warriors. It is better to save lives and end the fight (even if it means accepting defeat, because they were clearly overwhelmed by the other, greater force) than to prolong a battle they cannot win. This would lead to nothing but more casualties and would thus be a fruitless and foolish effort.

The Death card signifies a sudden and sometimes brutal change with an impact that will reverberate long after. This is the kind of change that cannot be stopped or impeded. The man’s confident gaze reflects the mood of the card: the indifferent energy of powerlessness. What has to happen will happen regardless of your feelings towards this change. Any efforts intended to hinder or to stop the revolution from occurring will be in vain. Often the transformation may not even be anticipated and it will take you by force even more so exactly because you did not see it coming. Many individuals fear such a change because it is so profound and because it will probably reshape who you are as a person and/or alter the direction in which your life is going. However, this transformation is a natural and necessary one and should not be resisted. Afterwards you should be better off than your were before it took place. The opposite hardly ever happens.

Key words and sentiments: sudden major change, transformation, revolution, powerlessness, go with the flow, accept change, do not fight a fight you cannot win, process out of your hands.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lucy Goose
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 17:13:30

    I’m afraid I don’t quite agree this time. To me, Death is a conscious thing, a choice you make for the better because you know the end will justify the means. The experience may be out of your hand, but the result isn’t. It’s exactly what you called forth, the Universe is just one big copy machine. You input your thought about a thing and the Universe copies it onto your experience of it.

    So when you know the change portrayed in Death is on its way, don’t fear it, for fear attracts fear. “What you resist, persists. What you look at, disappears.” -Conversations with God (by Neale Donald Walsch)

    See the change for what it is: a change, nothing more. It’s not an apocalypse in your life, it’s not a drama (ok, sometimes it seems like a drama). Just “go with the flow” of your experience.


  2. Funky Chicken
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 18:07:07

    That’s what I’m saying, my friend. The end result is positive! Change is coming whether you like it or not, but you should recognize the positive energy for change and welcome the opportunity to turn things for the better.


  3. Lucy Goose
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 21:34:56

    Yeah. I wasn’t going to comment, but then I did, and I just found myself typing what I typed XD


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