Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Tower

CAUTION: The sole reason why I have included a picture of the Twin Towers is because I would like to signal the sad truth that sometimes horrible things have to happen first before action is taken.

The Tower

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: An ugly monster breathing flames through his nostrils sits in front of a tower that is burning down. He has a beard along with hair on his shoulders and in his ears and three horns protrude from his scalp. The look in his eyes is one of amusement and menace, his tongue sticks out of his maw, on his back he bears a sword and in his hand he holds a harp.

This fierce creature seems amused by the destruction of the tower and is most certainly the one who caused the fire as he is still breathing flames through his nostrils. His amusement is also displayed by the harp in his hand, as if the scene were cause for entertainment and feasting. He emerges as a very threatening, fearsome beast that takes pleasure in the anguish of others. His malevolent eyes also show his nature as a trickster, a creature that enjoys deceiving people and causing them hardship. As the tower is being burnt down, the deception is brought to light and all illusions come crumbling down along with the tower.

The monster in the card may refer to a part of you that was intent on fooling yourself. Then again the deception may be caused by another player or it may not have a direct cause but is created by you in the sincere belief that the world is exactly as you saw it through your eyes. When this belief shatters and your world comes crashing down, it is a shock which will make you shudder like an earthquake precisely because what you regarded as an undeniable truth turns out to be fictitious right down to the foundations. This revelation, which will produce a colossal change, will come with such violence that you will have no choice but to accept the truth. It is crucial that your world be smashed to smithereens if it is built on nothing but lies. If you are to be wrecked first in order to be confronted with the truth and to be made aware of the illusions, if that is what it takes, then it should be done. Progress is not possible if one only lives (consciously or unconsciously) in a world which does not exist in reality. Sometimes total destruction is needed so that you may be able to turn over a new leaf, completely free from the scattered remnants and untruths of the past.

Key words and sentiments: destruction of illusions, the truth is exposed, confrontation, your world as you know it collapses, self-deception finally leads to a kick in the teeth, complete and utter destruction in order to start anew (and improve).


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  1. Lucy Goose
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 22:17:25

    I LOVE the last paragraph there!! “Physicality” IS an illusion. It’s not real. It’s not where our soul resides!!

    The Tower to me, is like an ivory tower, a place of isolation that you inflict on yourself. I say inflict, because it does not create a pleasurable experience (which is what we want, no?).

    The outcome is the same as the Hermit, really. Except the Hermit chooses consciously to “retreat in solitude” to reflect on life, whereas someone in an ivory tower just misses out on life. This is because the Tower is too worked up in the worldly drama (and enjoying the drama, at first), and realises too late that it’s too late.

    Then the Tower opens his/her eyes and remembers how things truly are, and makes the changes that are necessary.


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