Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Star

The Star

by Morgana Moonfire

Impressions: An enchanting card which pictures a striking woman with a red ribbon and blond plait wrapped around her head. She points towards the sky and keeps her gazed fixed in awe on the sparkling red stone of the ring on her index finger. In the background the trees of a forest are barely visible in purple hues and right behind her a tree adorned in autumn colours rises up out of a golden bowl with a human face. This tree is situated on the rocks which, along with the forest that is separated by either golden mist or a haze of flames, border on a seemingly bright green lake.

The whole atmosphere of this card is numinous, enthralling, magical. It is almost as if the card itself is shimmering with mystery and attempting to lure you into its dreamlike world. The glistening ruby which sparkles like a star, the tree which seems to grow out of a pot with human features and the unworldly fire or mist that is ‘keeping the forest at bay’ are all elements which pinpoint the unusual and the fantastical. This card tells you to look for wonders where you would not ordinarily expect them. Magic and beauty are all around us if you only know where or how to look.

In our daily lives we often focus on the dreary aspects, the endless queues and routines – the drag of it all. We almost literally drag our feet getting the necessary things done or we get back home exhausted after a disappointing day which seems to be filled only with stagnation, stress or tricky situations and unsupportive people. Our lack of enthusiasm filters into the other aspects of our lives and suddenly the world seems like a very sad and grey place. The Star gives you back the ability to recognize beauty and to acknowledge and respect simple pleasures (such as a smile, a nice cup of tea, a beautiful full moon or a tree in spring). In addition, the Star assures you that nothing in this world is static and that the wheel is turning. The Star offers you hope. Help may be given to you when you will least expect it or when you ready to throw in the towel, the dark clouds will shift, if only just enough to let through one ray of sunlight, one star in the dark night sky.

Key words and sentiments: expect the unexpected, never say never, the world is a magical place, fantasy, dreams, imagination, possibilities, beauty, unexpected help or good fortune, anything is possible.


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