Conversing with the Cards – The Major Arcana: The Fool

The second assignment consisted in producing our personal impressions of the Major Arcana. This is a wonderful assignment which has already taught me a great deal and I recommend trying this to everyone who wants to learn how to work with the Tarot. It leads to some amazing insights.

I would like to share my personal impressions with you and I’ll start with the Fool. Please note that my impressions are based on the images and feeling of my own personal deck.

The Fool

Impressions: A man who indeed seems a bit foolish reaches out with his hand towards the sky. He is standing near the edge of the sea; he carries a sword, a harp and a staff. His beard is long and white and he wears a red cape. No shoes protect his feet from the rocks. His face bears a slightly crazed expression, an expression of exertion, perhaps excitement and though his face appears worn his eyes are wide open and alive.

The old man is clearly driven towards something. There is passion and determination in his face and this feeling is also conveyed by the wave crashing against the rocks. Though he is standing so close to the waves, he feels no fear but is intently focused on whatever he is reaching out towards. It almost seems as if he is calling me, urging me to take the leap, to bound across unknown lands with him on a madman’s journey without apparent logic, without knowledge and without experience, only driven by sheer enthusiasm, joie de vivre and curiosity. In fact it seems as if the Fool is reaching out towards the sky in order to try and reach the unreachable. Instead of running from danger, he jumps at the opportunity to take risks, armed with only the basic tools for the journey and all the foes he might encounter. A sword for defense (intellect), a harp for entertainment (to sooth the emotions and to provide distraction from the weary voyage) and a staff for walking (the will to go on). There seems to be an absence of the earth element but it is after all earth on which he treads and which will ultimately ground him.

This card to me is about the power of passion. So much can be reached if you are only passionate enough to take the necessary risks. The Fool does not let the weariness of his old age, the discomfort of the sharp rocks underneath his bare feet or the danger of falling into the swirling waves hold him back from reaching that which he is most passionate about. He is determined and entirely focused on his goal. If we are to make our dreams a reality we must take risks and sometimes choose the more difficult path.

Key words or sentiments: the world is your oyster, the sky is the limit, expand your horizons, joy, excitement, energy, why not?, tread lightly, may the wind be always at your back, go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Morgana Moonfire


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