Naming the Home

In the Celtic culture, to give a person or object a name is to bestow this object or person with power. To know the magical name is even said to grant one with complete and utter power of the person bearing the name.

Therefore, naming your home can be considered as equally important. When you name your home, you suffuse it with your energy and as such you transform and enhance the energy or “chi” which is present. It is of course also a way of turning a house into a home, a haven and a place of comfort where you may be at ease.  

A home is not only meant to be a sanctuary, but it should also provide a working space where you may be inspired just by being in it. Depending on the needs of the inhabitants, the home may have a different purpose and it may signify different things to different people.

The name of your home should reflect the feeling you get when you wake up inside your room or when you come home after a long day’s work. Based on the words you would use to describe your home and what it means to you, you should be able to come up with a name which illustrates your home’s purpose beautifully. For instance, I used the words “haven”, “inspiration”, “beauty”, “comfort”, etc and I settled on “The Mound of the Muse”. It may sound funny, because it doesn’t sound at all like the typical names of a guesthouse or an English cottage, but the name works for me and it certainly works for my home.

Gana Moonfire


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  1. Moonrose
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 15:45:08

    Well Well – after looking at your Blog : I must say congratulations, wish I had the time to do this. And I love that you did a piece on my Kitchen Goddess Bridhid, Bridgit or Bride. Keep it up Morgana or should I say Funky Chicken. Well done ladies.

    Blessings Moonrose


    • Funky Chicken
      Sep 11, 2010 @ 15:54:57

      Thanks so much! This blog means quite a lot to me since it records and shares my journey and what I’m learning on the way? Lol the names Funky Chicken and Loose Goose are an inside joke. They actually come from one of the cheers I had to do in SA.




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